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Mr. UNIVERSE 2003 (Overall Winner)
Samuel Saviour (Spain)
Media Meeting at UNIVERSE 2003

On November 29, 2003 Cuxhaven, a small city in the north of Germany, was the Mecca of Bodybuilding. After the successful world championship of the year 2000, the promoters asked the international elite of bodybuilding for a second time to the "Kugelbake Halle", and lots of them followed this invitation.

For the first time under the new label NAC-International, the partners of Nabba-International Inc., including their several attached nations, came to northern Germany.

Right from the beginning it was rather obvious that the world wide family has been further growing. New nations have been followed this successful movement, and for the first time athletes from Argentinean, Thailand and Philippines attended, as well as our European neighbours from Poland. The Netherlands were very successful, because of a much stronger team this time.

Strong Line-up's and exiting competion were guarantied by almost 160 contestants.

Unexpectedly high attention by the media was paid to this event. Seven TV-Teams accompanied the UNIVERSE, on and backstage. The NDR, a local TV-station, even twice switched life from stage into the evening TV-program. Just because of this media interest, UNIVERSE put all comparable events in the shade.

The standard of performance in each class was overwhelming. Lots of high expectations by single athletics couldn’t be realised. Although some few pushed the performance dramatically, the top placements were hardly contested.

The most successful Team came from Spain, followed by Germany and the Ukraine.

Undisputable total winner of this season again was Samuel Saviour.

The top placed German athletes were: Tanja Waltemath, Murat Demir and the shooting star of the season Stephan Groß.

Local hero Oliver Reinhardt was beaten by Marcos Chacon from Spain and Ali Rhomdani from Netherlands. Oliver commentated the consistently fair voting's of this evening as follows: "This is Bodybuilding!".

We bow down before so much sportsmanship.

1st Place Miss Body
Antonia Carreras (Spain)

Miss UNIVERSE 2003
Tanja Waltemath (Germany)

Mr. Universum 2003
(Bodybuilding Men Athletic)
Murat Demir (Germany)