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Dorian Yates


Professional Bodybuilder Jay Cutler
On Sunday 2 November 2003 Amsterdam hosted for the second time Dorian Yates’ Grand Prix. An hour before the opening countless people crowded the foyer of the “Birghland Hall” already and from the mix of languages being spoken by all the fans, one could tell that people had travelled from far to attend this event.

I spoke to Bodybuilding enthusiasts that saw Dorian Yates’ first Grand Prix a year ago and they were full of praise. Naturally my expectations were high.

When the door finally opened at 4pm we were floored by the décor, brilliantly designed and executed by Lilly Cavallo. The exquisite VIP area, the amazing set and the state of the art light and sound system were exemplary. Over the past years I have not seen an event that could reach the level of Lilly’s production.

The only technical problem of the evening had to happen during the posing of Jay Cutler, when suddenly the music stopped. However, I think that had more to do with the actual CD, which over the run of the season must have been used pretty extensively.

Craig Titus joined the ever-changing MC’s and announced with obvious delight the guest appearance of his wife Kelly Ryan with the words: "She’s my wife – she’s my best friend!"

Earlier in the evening he was visibly moved when he introduced another extraordinary athlete, Simon Robinson. Simon, who after a tragic accident lost his right leg but never his joy for life, wowed the audience and received almost never-ending applause.

After a hard competition it was down to the final six and the ranking was as follows:

1. Jay Cutler
2. Ernie Taylor
3. Mohammed Mustafa
4. Günter Schlierkamp
5. Johnny Jackson
6. Troy Alves

Altogether these 30 Bodybuilders participated in Dorian Yates’ Grand Prix (in order of appearance):

1. Johnny Jackson, 2. Lee Powell, 3. Alison Maria, 4.Günter Schlierkamp, 5. Fabrizio Zittucro, 6. Erwin Marquez, 7. Mustafa Mohammed, 7. Gianluca Daniele, 9. Ronny Rockel, 10. Cvetko Stojmenovski, 11. Art Atwood, 12. Rodney St.Cloud, 13. Oleg Makchanstev, 14. Troy Alves, 15. Patrick Tour, 16. Claude Groulx, 17. Didier Blanc, 18. Ramon Gonzalez, 19. Mike Sheridan, 20. Ernie Taylor, 21. Jason Cutler, 22. Gian Enrico Pica, 23. Miguel Oliveira, 24. Jorge Jose Alves, 25. John Hodgson, 26. Arnaud Plaisant, 27. Emmanuel Tzindis, 28. Simon Cohen, 29. Ed van Amsterdam, 30. Roy Menig

Professional Bodybuilder Ernie Taylor

Professional Bodybuilder
Mustafa Mohammed

Professional Bodybuilder
Jonny Jackson